Volume 1, Issue 1

(Summer 2013)

Edited by Margo Collins and Deborah Christie

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The Bloodsucking Brady Bunch: The Lost Boys and the Single-Parent Family, by Jeremy Tirrell (7-16)

The Witch, the Cauldron, and the Inverted Cooking Ritual, by Allene Nichols (17-30).

Undead America: The Emergence of the Modern Zombie in American Culture, by Daniel Compora (31-38)


(Re)Visiting and (Re)Visioning the Self/Other Divide in Science Fiction Transmutations of the Gothic, by Janine Hatter (39-52)

 “Darkness has too much to offer”: Revising the Gothic Vampire, by Sara Cleto (53-64)

 A Structure Without a Center: Is “Monster TV” a Heart of Darkness?, by James Keller (65-79)


 Bella and the Beast: When Vampires Fall in Love, or the Twilight of a Genre, by Marko Lukić and Ljubica Matek (80-92)


Book Reviews

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